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How to buy

These are the steps that will help you appropriately make the order and finalise it.


STEP 1 - Desired game choice
Choose the CD keys you want to buy and add them to the cart using " Buy now " option. Remember that you can modify shopping cart by adding new products, changing the quantity or removing them until the completion of the order is made.

STEP 2 - Place order

When your order is complete, click "BUY". This feature guides you to the next stage where you have a choice of two options, depending on whether you are a new client, or you already have an account with us.

- If you do not have an account, select "new customer" (selected by default). In the Email Address field, enter your email, check the Terms and Conditions and follow the registration process.

- If you have an account with us, select "existing customer", enter your email address and password, and check the Terms and Conditions.

When all the data is already filled, click "PAY" which will take you to a summary of the order.

STEP 3 - Summary
When you click "PAY" your order will be registered in our system, you can see it also in the panel of your account, but it will have the status as unpaid.

STEP 4 - Pay for order
Click "Pay button" to pay for your order.

Now you are able to choose our financial partner. When you click G2A Payment Checkout the system will redirect you to the website of our partner where you have to choose from several methods of payment:

- Credit Card: optional Visa, MasterCard, Skrill

- Alipay

- Bank Transfer: This option allows you to make payments at any bank, post office

- PayPal

- Skrill

- PaySafeCard


Select a payment method that suits you the best and follow the instructions.

If you do not want to pay for the order now you can do it later by going to your Account Panel.

STEP 5 - Completion - Automatic 24/7

After successful payment you will be redirected back to our store and you will see the information about the transaction. The keys will be automatically sent to the email address of your account and order status at customer panel will change to paid.

If payment has not been made properly, you can do it again by going to your Customer Panel, and clicking pay for your order.


ATTENTION - payments on BuyPlay.net and double verification - when choosing G2S system.

For credit card payments and paypal, all orders may be verified. To speed up this process please send to us a scan of valid ID with photo (the data must be consistent with the data on the credit card) and scan of your credit card. As mentioned it is related to Gate2Shop payment processing.


STEP 6 - Purchase done
If you passed all the steps correctly, you will receive all ordered keys on your mailbox. If you were a new customer you will also receive your account data

Remember to come back to your Customer Panel and put your opinion on how the transaction proceeded - opinion will be very helpful to us and will help build the confidence of our customers.


If you have any problems or questions we can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week. We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is for this place to meet your highest expectations.



We invite you back!

Hope to see you soon!



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