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Do you want to get even more?

Join a guild!

Especially for you we prepared a new attractive partnership programme that will allow your “crew” to get some big discounts!


To gain even more from being on Buyplay.net, now you can create a Guild!. It's important to say, that the size matters here :) Bigger and more active guilds will get more Partner Points after each purchase. Your current multiplier can be found in your guild's panel on our website. Remember! Partner Points are used to: lower the price of any item in our shop or completely reduce the price and buy any product just with Partner Points. So! More guildmates = more points = more benefits!



Guilds, what is it?

Any information about guilds can be found here.


To be able to see any information about your guild, first you have to login to your account on Buyplay.net


Account panel, shows the name of your guild and a number of active guildies


Guild Master is responsible for inviting new members. You have to know your recruits email adress and accept! Only requirement is that this recruit needs to have an active account on Buyplay.net


Guild panel also allows you to track your guildmates activities.


Quick message option gives you an opportunity to contact your guildmates or even the Mighty Guildmaster!


In order to check your guild's Partner Points multiplier, you can check this nice and colorful graph.


Guild is not only extra Partner Points, but also Guild exclusive promotions for selected items.


Attention! Inactive members are excluded from the final PP multiplier level. To keep your active status you have to make purchase at least once per two months.



How to create a guild?


All you have to do is to email us. Tell us that you would like to become a Guild Master. But remember that you will be responsible for the well-being of you guild. Inviting new and removing inactive members is your new job :) Guild Master can also choose guild's avatar to make it even more unique!


So what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and enjoy all the guild related features!



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    Guilds' system comes along with new BP

    Want more, more, more? We can guarantee you extra partnership points which will literally grant you more profits in our store! All you need is to gather friends and look through our offer. We have changed the partnership points programme so that you can receive superb priviliges!

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