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Tom Clancy's series Tom Clancy's The Division CDKey, Key UPLAY 39.90€ Or 1330PP Buy! See more

Tom Clancy's The Division CDKey, Key UPLAY Sending on the release 08.03.2016!   Near future, New York, and pandemic... New shooter made by Ubisoft will take place in New York, right after a terrorist chemical attack that caused many casualties. It really sounds good :]   Gameplay will focus on multiplayer cooperation. Players will take roles of specialized agents, whos main task will be restoring order in town. It won't be easy, seeing how big damage was done and how dangerous it could be to walk the streets of Big Apple. Character development and decissions made by our team will be crucial in order to successfully complete the storyline.     Developers wanted to create an unique game environment. From now on, weather conditions will greatly influence our chances to succeed. All that wouldn't be possible without an astonishing graphics, and we have to say that game looks really really good! E3 trailers and gameplay looked awsome, and made us even more impatient, because the release date was set to 08.03.2016 :(    Well! It's only few months, and our expectations are really hight at the moment. Let's hope Ubisoft won't dissappoint :)  

Call of Duty Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 STEAM 27.90€ Or 930PP Buy! See more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 STEAM   Activision is preparing a big comeback. This time we'll be given a brand new version of Black Ops! Once again we are taking step into the future(a pity, because we liked the realities of World War II), and thus again we will have to face the hard futuristic conflict. Year 2065, 40 years after the events of the previous game (where Raul Menendez organized a drone assault), the conflict seems to be developing quite rapidly...   Our alliance learned from their mistakes and they are close to developing a special defense system system, designed to save as many lives from the disastrous consequences of war. Unfortunately, defense technology is only one side of the coin. Humanity is facing quite rapid climate change, outage of resources and constant dissagreements between supporters and enemies of genetic modifications or implants. Society is standing on the edge of chaos. The whole situation is exacerbated by the army that uses genetics to create super soldiers for Black Ops unit..   The story begins with the disappearance of one of the black ops commando unit. It is not difficult to guess that player's task is to find companions and learn the truth about some leaked government secret data. Spectacular battles and futuristic equipement are making gameplay in Black Ops 3 one of the bloodiest gameplays of the series.   Singleplayer campaign can of course be completed solo, or with an assistance of 2 other players in co-op mode.. Maps are much larger and more complex, so unlike other CoDs, the fight will be more dynamic and uninhibited. Each mission starts in a special bunker where we can distribute skill points, or select equipment.   The multiplayer mode? At the beginning we choose one of nine specialized soldiers. How not difficult to guess they have a number of individual skills and special equipment. The whole game even though it takes place on smaller maps is as exciting and dynamic as in previous versions. Oh and ... zombies :)

Counter Strike Counter Strike Global Offensive STEAM 10.90€ Or 363PP Buy! See more

Counter Strike Global Offensive STEAM   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the next part of the famous team action game made by Valve Software. The game takes the old elements of the series and puts them into new environment which highlights are modern graphics and solutions that fit the XXI century. The basics of the game weren't changed. There are two teams facing eachother that are made of a certain number of players. The terrorists have to plant the bomb and the cops have to prevent this from happening. The gamers gain money for fulfilling the goals or killing enemies, and they can later on spend it on a better equipment.   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive refreshes sevem classical maps known from the first version of the game. There are some legendary locations such as Dust, Aztec or Italy. There were some improvements in the looks, but mostly the maps themselves were left in their original shape. Global Offensive offers four different game modes. The Arms Race is a standard deathmatch with one small modification – the players gain better weapon for killing their enemies and that gives them advantage on the battlefield. Demolition is quite simillar, but everything was split into rounds. Another two modes are references to the past of the series. Classic simplified is a gameplay characteristic for Counter Strike, but the player is unable to harm his teammates. The tournament mode, however, turns off all of the simplifications.      


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