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Fallout Series Fallout 4 STEAM 27.90€ Or 930PP Buy! See more

Fallout 4 STEAM Keys will be sent at the latest on release! Release at the moment is planned for november 2015, but be aware that it's date might be changed.   Post-apocalyptic RPG series has earned a fan base all over the world due to remarkable story. The origins of the series dates back to year 1997 when the studio Black Isle and Interplay company created this turn-based science fiction production. As you can see, much has changed since then. This time game is prepared by Bethesda Studio known for such titles as: Skyrim, Doom or Wolfenstein.   Soon more information about one of the most highly anticipated production!

Tom Clancy's series Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege CDKey, Key Uplay 29.90€ Or 997PP Buy! See more

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege CDKey, Key Uplay   Preorder!  - Keys will be sent on 2015-10-xx   Rainbow Six: Siege is a  tactical FPP shooter signed with the name of a famous writer Tom Clancy. Game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal  known for Assassin's Creed series or Watch_Dogs.   This time the main focus of the game is special units fighting against terrorists. The action takes place around the world in modern times. The game focuses on combat in small spaces. One team fortifies themselves within the site, and the other is trying to breach these fortifications. For the complexity of the task for both sides, the creators made it possible to destroy our surroundings. You can shoot through walls, blow up floors, ceilings and doors. That's why the success of the battle requires tactical planning and proper strategy is a key to victory.   Cooperation between members of the team is also very important, because properly coordinated actions of its individual members give us a better chance for success.   In short - tactical shooters fans, behold! Premiere date is set for October 2015!

Don't Starve Don't Starve CDKey, Key 6.99€ Or 233PP Buy! See more

Don't Starve CDKey, Key   Don't Starve is a unique combination of a classical action-adventure game with elements characteristic for the cRPG, and even RTS genres. The game was made by Canadian studio called Klei Entertainment.   The main hero of the game, Wilson, was brought to an unfriendly world that makes its own rules. The accident was caused by a cunning demon, who purposely sent our sciencist into the wild environment. The player's task is to survive in the alien world and find a way back to his home world.   The main theme of Don't Starve is survival of our main hero. He must gain food, create a shelter, set fire or even cmake his own clothes.   As the game progresses, new characters are unlocked, each with its special attribute or ability. One of them, for example, is fireproof, while other has a supernatural strength.   Don't Starve has the bit of humour characteristic for Klei Entertainment that shows itself in some over-the-top situations or the looks of some of the parts of the world. References to the pop-culture are something pretty obvious here.      

Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed: Syndicate CDKey, Key UPLAY 29.90€ Or 997PP Buy! See more

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate CDKey, UPLAY Key   Victorian era, London, oppressed working class - rings a bell? Ubisoft presents us with a completely new story, new realities and new challenges. Assassin's Creed fans will certainly be satisfied. Once again they will have to test their skills in this full of action sandbox game.   Like in most of previous Assassin's Creed games we are being thrown into a fictional conflict. Players help will be necessary to restore order! The Industrial Revolution is the main background for the entire game. The exploitation of the working class by the capitalists seems to have no end. A young man called Jacob Frye - one of the Assassins, whose primary goal is to instigate rebellion against the industrial magnates.   Of course there are some novelties. AC: Syndicate gives us the opportunity to play two main characters - the aforementioned Jacob and his twin sister -  Eva. The selection of formulation has a significant impact on the way the exercise of story missions. We are still able to freely explore the world. Players will also enjoy new spectacular weapons and some additional moves that our characters will be able to perform. Jacob's gang also enables us to gain influence in various districts of London.   New awsome storyline combined with great graphics and soundtrack that Ubisoft tends to deliver. A game definitely worth waiting for :)  

Mafia II Mafia III CDKey, Key STEAM 30.90€ Or 1030PP Buy! See more

Just Cause Just Cause 3 STEAM 27.90€ Or 930PP Buy! See more

Just Cause 3 STEAM   Preorder!  - Keys will be sent on release :)   Rico Rodriguez returns in a style! Avalanche Studios responsible for a Just Cause series prepared another game for their fans. Rico, a special agent of the CIA cell (known as the Agency), is sent to the Republic of Medici located in the Mediterranean region. We are there to face it's evil dictator - General Di Ravello.   Developers prepared a huge world for us (about 400 square miles), which you can freely explore (underwater and mountains' tops too!). Of course, the game will let us to visit different colorful locations. There are many vehicles that we can use, which will help us with travelling around the island (cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and helicopters), there are also many additional gadgets that will make gameplay even more exciting. Our agent also gets a wingsuit and a hook at his disposal. These two items will help us when travelling on foot.   In addition to main storyline missions we will also have many side missions and hidden objects to find. Just like in previous games of the series we will experiance a lot of dynamic action. Rico will also have a huge arsenal of weapons at his disposal, which will help him with eliminating many enemies.     

GTA Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V CDKey, Key 29.90€ Or 997PP Buy! See more

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V CDKey, Key   Grand Theft Auto V is another part of the whole series of GTA, produced by studio Rockstar North. The game takes players into a huge, open world city of Los Santos and its outskirts. The whole is modeled on the landscapes of Los Angeles and south, sunny California. This time the player has three characters to choose - Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each has his individual skills, goals and desires.   Gameplay GTA V has been designed in such a way that the player can freely switch between the three available characters. This solution greatly facilitates the exploration of the game world and the choice of the mission. Also worth mentioning is the extensive world. Developers tried to bring realism of the player's surroundings in order to breathe life into the city. Since then, the community that we will encounter in Los Santos and its outskirts behaves more naturally. Also the types of cars and traffic management has been mapped in detail to give the climate of the real world.   GTA V exploration will take a lot of time because there is a huge amount of varied mini-games (such as tennis, golf, or yoga). Do not forget, however, that the most important are the main missions showing a well-developed storyline. Pursuing them gives the player ability to control one, two or even three available characters. The tasks revolve around attacks on banks and shops. While side missions allow us to better understand the form. Often  those missions refer to characters' relationships with friends, and their families.   An important element of the whole is a huge range of vehicles that developers have prepared for the player. Bikes, jetskis, planes, helicopters enriched the gameplay for more demanding fans of the series. Also, the system itself has to drive improvement, control of vehicles is not so clumsy. It could be argued that driving a car is more alike solutions introduced in racing games. Melee is gaining in importance, and does not limit the in-game weapons, which can be purchased in the previous part of the well-known chain stores Ammu-Nation.   Another interesting feature is the use of an extensive online game called GTA Online. Fans of the network play, will not be disappointed. They can create a personalized character and develop his skills by fulfilling missions, or through active participation in the competition mode, which is characterized by, for example, fighting gangs, race, etc.   What else can we add? Phenomenal graphic design, mass solutions feature dynamic soundtrack ... If the game includes all of these aspects, you can count on hours of enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Los Santos is waiting!     Instruction: 1 Register and log in to socialclub.rockstargames.com 2 Click "Activate Grand Theft Auto V" bottom left corner of the profile page (nice girl there too :P ) 3 Click on "Register Rockstar code/key"   

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CDKey, Key GOG 21.50€ Or 717PP Buy! See more

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CDKey, Key GOG   The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is the third part of the popular Andrzej Sapkowski's books saga. The player takes on the role of The Witcher who fights monsters and is caught up in political battles. Polish well-known studio CD Projekt is responsible for the whole production.   The player takes the role of Geralt - the Witcher, who is to take a new, greatly expanded journey. The story revolves around a number of different topics such as the search for a former Gralet's love, Nilfgaard's invasion on the northern kingdom and the history of the title Wild Hunt being a persecutor of the main character. Developers tempt us with a huge area of ​​the proposed land and a greater arsenal of role-playing tasks. Plural number of side missions is to last for more than 100 hours of fun. What's more, just as in the earlier parts, each cycle of the decision taken by the player will have a huge impact on the final stage of the game.   The creators put on the player a completely new challenge. Exploring caves, ancient ruins, villages, hunting for profit and special awards - these are just some of the attractions that await players. What's more, Geralt will sometimes have to take up the investigations to solve additional puzzles. The dynamics of the whole plot and consistency is also reflected in the expected consequences for example, if Witcher does not help the village from the attack of bandits, it will get be totatlly deserted. Travel on a good steed across the entire map can take almost 30 to 40 minutes. Fortunately, the solution is to facilitate the exploration mode to move quickly to places previously visited already. The expansion also has a system of signs used in combat by Geralt.   The whole setting also becomes more interactive and so it can be used it the skirmish. For example, telekinetic blow towards aa hive can wake up angry insects that will attack our enemy. However, they can attack our hero as well, that is why it would be an effective use of the sign Igni - unlocking the fire. Duels of the bosses look very impressive. Creators have updated the stock of knowledge, from now on we can see the weaknesses of the enemy. Greatly expanded range of skills of the main character - such as alchemy and fencing make the gameplay more demanding.    The whole series rebounded players in the world wide repercussions. The creators every time serve the fans of The Witcher a huge dose of entertainment for hours. An open world, a large number of diverse topics or significantly expanded frame graphics can easily prove that this game demands to be called a titel of the year.  


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