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Tom Clancy's series Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege CDKey, Key Uplay 29.90€ Or 997PP Buy! See more

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege CDKey, Key Uplay   Preorder!  - Keys will be sent on 2015-10-xx   Rainbow Six: Siege is a  tactical FPP shooter signed with the name of a famous writer Tom Clancy. Game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal  known for Assassin's Creed series or Watch_Dogs.   This time the main focus of the game is special units fighting against terrorists. The action takes place around the world in modern times. The game focuses on combat in small spaces. One team fortifies themselves within the site, and the other is trying to breach these fortifications. For the complexity of the task for both sides, the creators made it possible to destroy our surroundings. You can shoot through walls, blow up floors, ceilings and doors. That's why the success of the battle requires tactical planning and proper strategy is a key to victory.   Cooperation between members of the team is also very important, because properly coordinated actions of its individual members give us a better chance for success.   In short - tactical shooters fans, behold! Premiere date is set for October 2015!

Tom Clancy's series Tom Clancy's The Division CDKey, Key UPLAY 39.90€ Or 1330PP Buy! See more

Tom Clancy's The Division CDKey, Key UPLAY Sending on the release 08.03.2016!   Near future, New York, and pandemic... New shooter made by Ubisoft will take place in New York, right after a terrorist chemical attack that caused many casualties. It really sounds good :]   Gameplay will focus on multiplayer cooperation. Players will take roles of specialized agents, whos main task will be restoring order in town. It won't be easy, seeing how big damage was done and how dangerous it could be to walk the streets of Big Apple. Character development and decissions made by our team will be crucial in order to successfully complete the storyline.     Developers wanted to create an unique game environment. From now on, weather conditions will greatly influence our chances to succeed. All that wouldn't be possible without an astonishing graphics, and we have to say that game looks really really good! E3 trailers and gameplay looked awsome, and made us even more impatient, because the release date was set to 08.03.2016 :(    Well! It's only few months, and our expectations are really hight at the moment. Let's hope Ubisoft won't dissappoint :)  


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    Every day promotion! New solutions!

    Every day promotion! As you may see we made some arrangements in order to provide you more visible website. Now you can find all the offers in one place just in the main website! Our current offers are often refreshed so you are most welcome to visit us! Dont go too rarely or else you will miss an e...

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    Guilds' system comes along with new BP

    Want more, more, more? We can guarantee you extra partnership points which will literally grant you more profits in our store! All you need is to gather friends and look through our offer. We have changed the partnership points programme so that you can receive superb priviliges!

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