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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CDKey, Key GOG 21.50€ Or 717PP Buy! See more

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CDKey, Key GOG   The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is the third part of the popular Andrzej Sapkowski's books saga. The player takes on the role of The Witcher who fights monsters and is caught up in political battles. Polish well-known studio CD Projekt is responsible for the whole production.   The player takes the role of Geralt - the Witcher, who is to take a new, greatly expanded journey. The story revolves around a number of different topics such as the search for a former Gralet's love, Nilfgaard's invasion on the northern kingdom and the history of the title Wild Hunt being a persecutor of the main character. Developers tempt us with a huge area of ​​the proposed land and a greater arsenal of role-playing tasks. Plural number of side missions is to last for more than 100 hours of fun. What's more, just as in the earlier parts, each cycle of the decision taken by the player will have a huge impact on the final stage of the game.   The creators put on the player a completely new challenge. Exploring caves, ancient ruins, villages, hunting for profit and special awards - these are just some of the attractions that await players. What's more, Geralt will sometimes have to take up the investigations to solve additional puzzles. The dynamics of the whole plot and consistency is also reflected in the expected consequences for example, if Witcher does not help the village from the attack of bandits, it will get be totatlly deserted. Travel on a good steed across the entire map can take almost 30 to 40 minutes. Fortunately, the solution is to facilitate the exploration mode to move quickly to places previously visited already. The expansion also has a system of signs used in combat by Geralt.   The whole setting also becomes more interactive and so it can be used it the skirmish. For example, telekinetic blow towards aa hive can wake up angry insects that will attack our enemy. However, they can attack our hero as well, that is why it would be an effective use of the sign Igni - unlocking the fire. Duels of the bosses look very impressive. Creators have updated the stock of knowledge, from now on we can see the weaknesses of the enemy. Greatly expanded range of skills of the main character - such as alchemy and fencing make the gameplay more demanding.    The whole series rebounded players in the world wide repercussions. The creators every time serve the fans of The Witcher a huge dose of entertainment for hours. An open world, a large number of diverse topics or significantly expanded frame graphics can easily prove that this game demands to be called a titel of the year.  


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