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Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 Gem Card 2000 - GW II EU 23.00€ Or 767PP Buy! See more

Guild Wars 2 Gem Card 2000 - GW II EU   WARNING This is not a key for the game itself, only for the currency used in Guild Wars 2.   Guild Wars 2 is the newest part of the very popular and known MMO game, a child of cooperation between American ArenaNet and NCSoft. The production shows a brand new and incredibly big land in which the people from all around the world meet. It starts 250 years after the events from Eye of the North. The world of Guild Wars universe has been significantly changed, many cities were destroyed and the human race is in serious trouble, mostly because of the comeback of the ancient dragons. Similar problems touch others fractions too (Asura, Norn and Charr). In the second game in this series we can make our avatar be a human, but the other options are: Charr - wild humanoid beasts, Norn - warriors from the north able to transform into animals, Asura - devious thinkers or Sylvari - a race born from a magical tree.    

Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns DLC CDKey, Key 29.90€ Or 997PP Buy! See more

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns - Standard Edition (standard + DLC) CDKey   Key includes: - Standard game - Expansion Heart of Thorns (Note: Before the release, customers who bought the package will have access to the beta weekends) - Title - Maguuma Trailblazer   Heart of Thorns is the first major expansion to the highly successful MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Expansion introduces a lot of new lore, with extra content like quests, dungeons and more so get ready for many additional hours of fun.   Maguuma is waiting for you! This is an area that introduces a new main quest hub. We will continue the fight with the forces of Mordermoth, but the game will feature new enemies and bosses. We strongly advise you to start gearing up because it will certainly be a challange! Also during our adventures we'll encounter ancient civilizations that haven't yet appeared in the original game. These civilizations will be important allies to our hero so. There is also a new class called Revenant, which is a heavly armored warrior.   Game mechanics and character development was slightly improved. Our hero can now learn secondary specialization using the services of one of profession trainers. Also have you ever dreamt about your guild's own headquarters? Heart of Thorns gives you an opportunity to get a Guild Hall. Guild Halls of course be upgraded and expanded! Developers also introduced a new PVP mode - Stronghold. This mode allows players to attack or defend fortresses.    Lastly it is importat to mention that Guild Wars 2 is using B2P model and that equals -  no subscribtion! Once you bought a game, you can enjoy it for eternity :)


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    Guilds' system comes along with new BP

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