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Don't Starve Don't Starve CDKey, Key 6.99€ Or 233PP Buy! See more

Don't Starve CDKey, Key   Don't Starve is a unique combination of a classical action-adventure game with elements characteristic for the cRPG, and even RTS genres. The game was made by Canadian studio called Klei Entertainment.   The main hero of the game, Wilson, was brought to an unfriendly world that makes its own rules. The accident was caused by a cunning demon, who purposely sent our sciencist into the wild environment. The player's task is to survive in the alien world and find a way back to his home world.   The main theme of Don't Starve is survival of our main hero. He must gain food, create a shelter, set fire or even cmake his own clothes.   As the game progresses, new characters are unlocked, each with its special attribute or ability. One of them, for example, is fireproof, while other has a supernatural strength.   Don't Starve has the bit of humour characteristic for Klei Entertainment that shows itself in some over-the-top situations or the looks of some of the parts of the world. References to the pop-culture are something pretty obvious here.      


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